Captain | Patrick Troin
Patrick Troin, fifty-four years old, always positive in mind, with more than twenty-five years spent on the sea and in the Yachting Industry. Navigation Zone:  Mediterranean, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and North Sea. Fascinated by the sea, he has been an efficient Captain on large yachts and acquired a wide knowledge of the different aspect of the Yachting Industry. Patrick has worked for several scientific marine research companies as a captain of a scientific vessel and organizing logistics for companies such as Ifremer and International Atomic Agency. He knows the Mediterranean Sea very well, enjoys navigation and taking his owners and customers to discover what he has made his life’s passion. Motor yachts he has previously worked on include M/Y DOLCE-VITA, M/Y MIMI (MOONEN), M/Y KING K (Feadship), M/Y IZUMI (Palmer-Johnson).

First Officer | Gerald Ravach
Gerald Ravache (41 years old), French. Gerald was raised near the Atlantic ocean in Brittany. Passionate about sailing, he is the owner of a twelve-meter Classic Sailing Yacht. He has raced regattas with her from France to the Acores and crossed the ocean to Barbados in the famous Panerai’s trans-Atlantic Regatta. Prior to yachting, Gerald spent some years working as an editor in Paris. He has also an artistic soul and likes playing piano. He has been working on yachts since 2012 and has cruised extensively in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Previous yachts include M/Y Criss C, M/Y Samja, M/Y Philmi.

Chief Engineer | Ajashan Botman (AJ)
Ajashan Botman, aka AJ. Born and raised in Sweden with roots from Sri Lanka and South Africa. After finishing his studies at the Kalmar maritime Academy, he started his yachting career in 2012. Before his time on d’Angleterre II, he spent two Mediterranean seasons on board a busy fifty-meter charter boat; he joined the yacht in the spring of 2015. AJ does an excellent job behind the scenes maintaining the engines and is also our IT technician. He is great with kids and has a nice personality. 

Deckhand | Arnold Momblan
Arnold Momblan, Filipino. Educated boat builder and A.B. Seaman. Arnold has spent the last twenty-two years working on several yachts. Arnold has mainly been sailing in the Mediterranean Sea, but has spent many winters cruising in the Caribbean and speaks Filipino, English and French. His big smile and hardworking nature is a great joy for all onboard d’Angleterre II. Arnold is an excellent teacher of water sports, and will shape you into a water skiing and wake boarding champion by the end of your trip. He looks forward to taking you for a spin behind the tender on the inflatable donut or banana boat, if you dare. 

Chief Stewardess | Antonia Jacob
Antonia Jacob, a twenty-five year old from Auckland, New Zealand. Antonia has a passion for service, people, the ocean, being creative (and making an amazing Bloody Mary), which has lead her to a fantastic career on board luxury yachts. Antonia has experience as an event and restaurant manager for one of the best establishments in Auckland City, and applies her knowledge to perfect every detail onboard d'Angleterre II. As a trained graphic designer, she is creative and a natural problem solver and loves to take professional photos of guests during their stay. She is a certified Dive Master and AIDA free diver, recently training with marine biologists and she would love to share her knowledge of the ocean with you. Antonia is all about providing the 'x-factor' and she, along with her team, strive to surprise and surpass your expectations in every way during your stay on board d'Angleterre II.

Second Stewardess | Martina Valkova
Martina Valkova is from the Czech Republic; and has been travelling for many years, living in different countries, which has helped her to get to know many cultures and different people. Martina has been in yachting for over five years, joining first as a Junior Stewardess and working her way up to Chief Stewardess or Second Stewardess on bigger yachts. Martina speaks many languages; English, French, Czech and some Italian. Martina enjoys water sports, equestrian, painting, dance and running. Martina's many years in the luxury industry gave her the desire to continually strive for the highest standards of guest care.

Third Stewardess | Elizma Van Lill
Elizma Van Lill, a thirty-one year old from the beautiful city of Cape Town. Three years after school she studied a Science degree in Zoology and Biochemistry. Due to her love for people, sport, exploring and adventure, she decided to complete an international massage course and went aboard the cruise ships working as masseuse for two years and highly enjoyed it. On her arrival back to South Africa she worked for two years as a wine analyst in Cape Town, and then started to pursue her dream to help other people, by studying full-time physiotherapy, personal training, massage and sport massage at various sport events. Elizma loves the ocean, people, travelling, exploring and a variety of land and water sport. She is looking forward to being a part of the hospitality industry working on board d'Angleterre II. 

Chef | Michael Jovan
After completing a degree in business, Michael realised his heart and soul belonged in the kitchen. During his chef studies, he managed a fish store where he mastered the craft of sushi making. After finishing his chef apprentiseship, Michael worked at a fine dining safari lodge in South Africa, where he cooked wild game on a bonfire, and fished and prepared tuna in St. Lucia. On his return to Denmark, he took a job in the heart of Copenhagen, at a new restaurant called “Maven”.  Michael got Michelin recommendation three months after the opening, and during his three years as headchef,  the restaurant turned into a big success, and is now well renowned in Copenhagen. His most recent job was as private chef for His Royal Highness the Crown Prince & Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess of Denmark, and their four children. He was to make sure the food was innovative and healthy. When Michael isn’t cooking he is working on his micro brewery experimentation, brewing high quality craft beers based on local ingredients that he plans to take to market. This is Michael’s first year of yachting and looks forward to cooking during your stay on board d’Angleterre II.

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